There have been some stunningly unique luxury timepieces throughout the years that have turned heads. However, new have had the otherworldly nature of the new Rolex GMT Master II. This is thanks to the dial being made out of a real meteorite.

At the 2019 Baselworld, which is the largest annual watch event, this remarkable Rolex was debuted in its full glory. The most obvious key feature it has is the meteorite dial. While it certainly is not the first timepiece featuring a dial made out of a slab of meteorite, it is a beautifully-made Rolex that has a bit of a sporty feel to it.

The use of meteorite in the dial nicely balances out the more ornate aspects of this watch. It offers something different than what you may be used to seeing, and certainly comes with its own special extraterrestrial store from wherever in space it came from. As far as Rolex watches go, this one is definitely a special one.

Besides the interesting design feature of using meteorite in the dial, there are other elements within the Rolex GMT Master that will catch your eye. For instance, it comes with a white gold case. This pairs very nicely with the light-colored meteorite dial, and almost matches it.

There is also the characteristic red and blue cermamic “Pepsi” bezel separating the case from the dial, which adds some nice contrast with the light-colored features already described. Overall, you can tell that there is a more distinct-looking nature to this watch when you compare it with other sport Rolex timepieces.

You may be familiar with a Daytona watch that also has a beautiful meteorite dial, along with a white gold case. There is also 2018’s Day-Date watch that features the same. This is increasingly becoming a repeated formula due to the fact that it is highly popular today. It would not be surprising if we see more watches coming from Rolex applying it. While perhaps a bit controversial, it is certainly shaping up to be a collectible.

In a way, the Rolex GMT Master II is similar to others in this series, including the release of 2019’s Batman, as well as 2018’s Pepsi model. This meteorite-laden one also includes a 40mm case size, along with Rolex’s well-known automatic 3285 movement. However, what separates this watch from those other two is the fact that it is made using more weighted 18K white gold. Given this departure from using steel, it costs $38,400 at retail.


The new Rolex GMT Master II is one of the most remarkable and unique luxury watches to ever be released. Coming with a rare meteorite dial, this is an exceptional timepiece that is sure to be a conversation starter. If you want a watch with a decidedly interesting and unique look, then the Rolex GMT is definitely a watch to consider adding to your collection. You may want to get your hands on one while they are still available, since this one may sell out very quickly.