Ever since the 1980s, two-tone became a fashion statement. When the 80s came and went, the two-tone obsessions seemed to have subsided. However, we are seeing a comeback of this trend. Rolex is one company that has been helping bring two-tone back in vogue. It seems to have started with the two-toned SeaDweller, and is also seen on the Rolex Daytona as well, among others.

Two-tone has become a prominent feature in some Rolex watches, yet isn’t something they came up with as an original concept. What two-tone refers to is a watch that has two separate tones in the metals that make up the watch. That is simple enough to understand.

Normally, a watch is made out of a single metal, usually steel or gold. When a watch is two-tone, it will usually have a strip of one metal going down the center of the band and another on the two sides of it. That means a two-tone watch isn’t an alloy.

Two-tone watches have been around for a few decades. Rolex quickly took advantage of the variation to add to the wide array of different watches available in its collection. Lovers of two-tone believe that it is superior to single-tone watches. For instance, a Rolex Daytona gold watch could get too flashy and shiny for a wearer of it. On the other hand, a Rolex Daytona watch that is totally steel could be a bit too industrial-looking and not sophisticated enough for their liking. For those people, two-tone could very well be the best of both worlds, so to speak.

Two-tone is virtually always referring to a watch like the Rolex Daytona Rose Gold being made using gold and steel. The contrast is an appealing touch that has helped make two-tone see a resurgence in popularity within the past few years.

The most common type of two-tone watch is one that is made with a stainless steel case, with the outsides of the links being stainless steel as well, while the middle part of the links being gold. Additionally, the clasp is also sometimes made to be two-tone, although the early Rolex watches has two-tone have clasps that were one-tone steel. Bezels are normally only made with gold, along with the crown. Also, the minute and hour hands, along with the indices, are generally made with solid gold.

Interestingly, even though Rolex has not invented two-tone, it has created its own name for it called Rolesor. They essentially combined the brand’s name with the French word for gold. This is a term that goes back more than just a few years, all the way back to 1933. Rolex has been making a two-tone Rolex Daytona Gold, Rolex Daytona Black, Rolex Daytone Rose Gold, and others.

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