Starting a collection of Rolex watches is an exciting prospect. When you have the right Rolex watch models, you will have an extraordinary collective of luxury timepieces that will both appreciate in value and provide exceptional utility. Today, there are some excellent buys on the secondary market that you may want to look into. At Wrist Aficionado, we have an extensive collection of Rolex watches you can have your pick of.

The following are our recommendations for the best Rolex watches to include in your collection when you are just starting out.

Submariner 116610

The Submariner 116610 is a classic Rolex watch to add to any collection. It is an iconic model that exudes everything Rolex is known for. If you are looking for the quintessence of what defines a Rolex as a Rolex, then the Submariner is it. You can find Submariners under $10,000 today, but you may want to get a move on it because they are not always that easy to find, even on the secondary market.

Pepsi GMT-Master II

For newcomers to collecting Rolex watches, the Pepsi GMT-Master II is an excellent one to add to your new collection. Seasoned Rolex watch collectors may not get too enthusiastic about this watch anymore, but this timepiece, first developed in 1955, is sure to light you up. This wristwatch was originally designed to help their wearers keep track of time while on transatlantic flights, thanks to the fourth hand can get set to another time zone. A new steel version was released in 2018 that was more affordable than its predecessors. Still, you can find one on the secondary marketing for under $20,000.

Daytona Ref. 116500

Released just a few years ago in 2016, the Daytona became the first Rolex timepiece to have a Ceroachrom bezel, which is a scratch-resistant material that also prevents damage from UV rays. The unique bezel featuring the novel patented ceramic material has gotten plenty of people interested in it. This was the first upgrade to the Daytona since 2000.

Blued Dial Rolex Sky-dweller

For a Rolex watch with a little more complexity, the blue dial Sky-dweller is a great choice. This timepiece features a calendar, as well as a signature blue dial. There is an alternate version with a black dial, but the blue one is much more sought after today. As time has gone on, demand for this model has skyrocketed. It is now selling for around $30,000.