Everyone has heard of a Rolex watch. This ubiquitous luxury watch brand has become all-pervasive within culture, and is considered to be quite the status symbol. While there are certainly other luxury watch brands out there, some of which cost more than a Rolex, this has become the cultural icon everyone is familiar with.

Ever since its founding in 1905, Rolex has been crafting exceptional watches. The iconic watches made by Rolex are seen as masculine watches due to their rugged appearance, as far as watches go. They also fit every sort of lifestyle and sensibility. The beauty of these hand-produced watches cannot be understated.

There are several options available when shopping around for a Rolex. What is the best Rolex? That may not be entirely clear to you initially. That is why we will help sort out what the best Rolex watches are so that you get the best for your lifestyle and needs.

GMT-Master II

If you want what many consider to be the best Rolex watch to buy, then go with the GMT-Master II. This watch was initially made for Pan-Am airline pilots who were conducting the world’s first transatlantic flights during the 50s. Famous people like Pablo Picasso and Fidel Castro were spotted wearing this Rolex. The red and blue bezel became iconic and was even nicknamed “Pepsi” by fans. The GMT-Master II even made it to space while worn by Apollo 13 astronaut Jack Swigert.


You may want to consider the Submariner when looking for the best Rolex to buy. This classic sports watch is the most legendary one of its class. Big names like Robert Redford, Steve McQueen, and Sean Connery all wore this watch religiously. As the name implies, it makes for an excellent diving watch. In fact, most people consider it to be the best one for diving. If you want a well-crafted timepiece that displays your sophisticated taste and prosperity, then this is the watch to get. The rugged elegance makes it truly admirable as a luxury timepiece.

Explorer II

This updated version of the Explorer is bolder and for people who do not necessarily want a watch made with diving in mind, as the Submariner and Explorer are. There is a compass built into this timepiece, which allows it to be used in quite a unique way that few watches offer. There is a signature orange hand whose original purpose was to help people exploring caves and the poles to figure out whether it was daytime or nighttime. The Explorer II looks a bit more modern than the Submariner, yet is just as sporty. However, you will see it more infrequently than the other Rolex watches already mentioned.


While Rolex makes a wide array of watches, these three are often considered to be the best Rolex watches for men. If you have been struggling with deciding on which one of the many Rolex watches available you should invest in, you probably now have a much clearer idea. Any one of these is an excellent choice, and Wrist Aficionado has many to select from. Browse our collection today!